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Getting Started

You could define GreetlyApp as the simplest greetings service on your mobile device, perfectly designed to function as the best alternative to handmade greeting cards.

GreetlyApp mostly uses your mobile phone’s internet connection and occasion works via sms when the recipient doesn’t have the application installed.

To download the app, please visit the website ( select your respective mobile operating system under the option “Download Now.

With Simplicity as its main aspect, GreetlyApp contains a simplified three-step guide.

Step 1 - Select your GreetlyApp recipient from your contacts.

Step 2 - Choose a card, customize, personalize with your message.

Step 3 - Send the wish to your special person.

With its availability in both android and app store, users can download and use the application for free.

Welcome to GreetlyApp!

What is GreetlyApp and why should I use it?

The GreetlyApp is your digitalised greeting service which ensures that special occasions are memorialized even at hard-pressed situations. It operates as an ideal alternative when real life greeting cards are inaccessible.

The GreetlyApp further facilitates your with the option of personalizing your card as you wish. Alternatively, the GreetlyApp contains over thousands cards for different types of special occasions. However, the main reason to use the GreetlyApp is because it discourages the cutting down of trees for paper manufacturing purposes.

Does it cost anything to use GreetlyApp?

The GreetlyApp is now available in the Apple app store and the Android market for free. So you may use the services as you wish.

Does GreetlyApp work on my mobile?

As the GreetlyApp is available in the app store and the android market, you may download the app using your Android device or your Iphone. Furthermore, you may operate the GreetlyApp with any other device that supports the android platform as well.

How do I get started with GreetlyApp?

It’s pretty easy to get started with the GreetlyApp. Once you download the app to your mobile device, you may proceed with the short installation process. Immediately afterwards, you’d be requested to enter a few personal details for your user profile. Once you enter the mobile number and submit, we send a unique verification code via SMS. All you need to do is enter the code to proceed.

Once you enter the correct code, you may freely use the GreetlyApp at your will.

Changing my phone number

Unless your new mobile number has the GreetlyApp installed, you will have to adhere to the usual registration process followed by verification via SMS. Unfortunately, the GreetlyApp doesn’t contain a “change number” option.

Adding a Friend

Your contact list is used to gather contact details of the relevant recipient when you wish to send a digitalised greeting card. If the recipient uses the GreetlyApp, you may proceed with personalising and sending your greeting card.

However, if your recipient doesn’t use the GreetlyApp, you may still send you greeting via SMS.

How is my profile used in GreetlyApp?

When you enter your personal details while registering, the GreetlyApp uses it to create your user profile. However, a specific sender may only know your name, mobile number and the special day.

In addition, the sender will have the opportunity to know if you’re a GreetlyApp user.

Can I attach images or files along with the Greeting card?

Unfortunately, we do not have a feature to send images or any other files to the recipient. We only encourage you to send unlimited numbers of personalised greeting cards. Furthermore, you may add text along with the digitalised card.

How safe is the GreetlyApp?

We assure that your personal details including the messages you send to the recipient remains safe at all times. However, we do not claim responsibility at times of misuse, carelessness and most importantly when you choose to visit third party links.

For more information on safety, you may read our privacy policy.

Verifying one GreetlyApp account to multiple phones, or with multiple phone numbers

Verifying one GreetlyApp account to multiple phones, or with multiple phone numbers

Furthermore, we request you to avoid changing your numbers frequently as it may affect smooth usage.