Privacy Policy

Effective Date: May 10th, 2016


The GreetlyApp is designed entirely to function as your simplest greetings service, providing free access to users from wherever they are. With the intention of connecting people with the best we have to offer, our privacy policy is outlined to provide transparency into our private practices and principles.

Alternatively, we ensure that your personal details are treated with care and respect.

Why is a privacy policy essential?

The requirement of a privacy policy especially for a mobile application underlines a few important factors.

1. Personal Data : The fact that the mobile app collects personal data from the user could be considered as the biggest reason behind implementing a privacy policy document.

2. Third Party Services : The GreetlyApp may contain links associated with third party websites. At such situations, it’s a must to have a privacy policy describing the usage.

3. App Store : Regardless of the fact that it’s optional, it’s always risk-free to have a privacy policy before submitting the app to the App store.

4. Risk of user outrage : It’s essential to keep the user aware of the data that the app collects. This way the user understands that our services are safe.

The Information GreetlyApp Collects

Registration Data : During the GreetlyApp registration process, we collect information which includes your mobile number for verification via sms.

User Data : In order to keep your profile updated, we collect your full name, e-mail address, gender and your date of birth. We may also collect similar information when you update your profile.

Usage and Log Data : We usually keep track of your usage using cookies. However, we may keep a separate track of usage and log data for informational purposes. This type of data may include platform type, number of clicks, IP address etc. We may collect log data when you use and even update your profile when required.

Other Services (3rd Party) : In case you integrate your GreetlyApp account with third party services, we may use certain public information upon request, adhering to the privacy policy.

Cookies : Cookies are essential text files that allow us to recognise your mobile device when you return to service. With intentions of creating a better interface or digital environment within the GreetlyApp, we may keep track of your usage and trends using cookies.

Surveys and Contests : Occasionally, we may provide you with opportunities to participate in few surveys and contests. If you choose to participate, we may collect certain information you provide in addition. However, participating in the survey or contest is voluntary.

The Information GreetlyApp Does Not Collect

GreetlyApp does not collect the content in the message service. Hence, responses from recipients are not recorded by us. This includes the content in the messages sent by the user as well. However, we may record the date and time of a specific message.

Furthermore, GreetlyApp does not collect details apart from the names and numbers in your contact list. We ensure that the data in your mobile device will not be used by GreetlyApp for any purpose.

User Provided Information

Specifically, the details you provide during the registration process which includes your full name, date of birth, gender and e-mail address come under user provided information. However, we may also consider your mobile number and details provided when you request for assistance as contents of similar nature.

Age Restriction

For any user all over the world, the GreetlyApp is not directed to children under the age of 4 and we do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 4. If you under the said age, do not use the service and do not provide any personal information to us. If we do discover that a child under the age of 4 has provided us with personal information, we will not hesitate to delete the profile.

The Way GreetlyApp Uses Information

The personal information you enter during the registration process will be used to update your personal profile. Hence, when you send a greeting card to your special person, the specific recipient will identify the sender by his/her name.

Alternatively, your contact number is the most important piece of information we gather during the sign-up process. Once the registration process is complete, we use your mobile number for verification.

In addition, when you request for assistance during or after the signup process, we may store the information you provide for upgrading purposes. This would only assist in creating a better user interface.

When GreetlyApp Discloses Information

We may disclose your birthday as the sole purpose of GreetlyApp is to greet your friends and family during special occasions. However, we confirm that we do not disclose the personal messages your enter while personalising your card to anyone but the recipient. Alternatively, messages you receive from a specific sender would remain private.

We do not sell or share your mobile number to third parties for commercial or marketing use.

Our Commitment To Data Security

With the ultimate motive of keeping your information safe, we use professional methods to safeguard your personal data at all times. However, GreetlyApp will not be responsible for any consequences at instances when your account or mobile device falls under misuse by an outsider or third party.

Furthermore, we ensure that your personal details including your private messages are secure at all times. The recipient will be the only person to receive the text together with the greeting card. In case we notice a security breach within the GreetlyApp, we may take appropriate actions while notifying you immediately.

Links or Log File Information

Together with the platform type, number of clicks and your IP address, log file information may also include URLs, domain names, time spend on a specific page, order of pages, your mobile number, the number of the recipient and even specific dates.

Accessing and updating user information

We let you to access and make amendments to certain personal information you provide during the registration process.

Changes and updates to this Privacy Notice

While GreetlyApp has its rights to update the privacy policy, changes made would immediately appear under the specific field. Hence, it’s your duty to review and frequently keep track for such updates.

When and why we use cookies

1. Performance : We frequently use cookies to analyse the performance of the digitalised app. We use the information we gather to update and create a better environment within GreetlyApp.

2. Authentication : Cookies are used for understanding purposes. We increase our understanding by keeping a track of your usage to identify and update our application according to your needs.

3. Functional : As you personalise a specific greeting card using GreetlyApp, we keep a track of your choices to remember your necessities in future.

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